Two Carbon works at the intersection of graphene and product innovation for the outdoor and active market.   We engineer graphene solutions in fiber, textiles, coatings and footwear.

With our brand partners, Two Carbon develops graphene applications in new products designed and engineered for brands requiring the lightest and most durable fibers, textiles, coatings, and rubber compounds available.

Our expertise is within the Outdoor Product and Lifestyle industry.

  • Two Carbon fibers are stronger than comparable fiber.
  • Our coatings are more abrasion resistant than other coatings.
  • The textiles we’ve developed are stronger and more puncture and tear resistant than comparable textiles while retaining a soft fabric hand.
  • Our Two Carbon rubber/footwear solutions are stronger, more abrasion resistant, and stickier than current rubber compounds.

For those brands dedicated to material and product innovation, Two Carbon provides a turn-key engineering opportunity to enable graphene product development.

Graphene Textiles – Outdoor

Two Carbon Textiles are graphene enabled fabrics that deliver state-of-the-art technology, enhancing material performance across a wide spectrum of attributes including puncture, tear, and abrasion.

Graphene Rubber and Footwear

Two Carbon graphene innovation extends to the rubber and footwear category.  Our deep familiarity with graphene allows us to engineer specific compound solutions to solve a host of footwear challenges.  We’ve successfully engineered outsole compounds that deliver double digit improvements in abrasion and adhesion without any change in rubber durometer.

Graphene Apparel/Jackets

Expanding our fiber and textile innovation into garments, Two Carbon is now incorporating greater abrasion, tear, puncture, waterproofness and breathability into textiles for the technical apparel market — delivering next-generation field performance for brands and athletes demanding the most durable garments at the lightest possible weight.

A Graphene Overview

Because Graphene is only one atom thick, it has some amazing properties. It is fantastically strong, it is very light, it’s extremely flexible and it conducts electricity and heat better then almost any other material.

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