Welcome to Two Carbon.  We are a technology company engineering innovative graphene based products in fiber, textiles, coatings, and rubber applications.  With a focus on outdoor products, we are redefining performance across a range of products making them stronger, lighter, and more durable with Two Carbon graphene.

Optimized Graphene

Two Carbon, we are engineering graphene based product solutions for the outdoor marketplace, focusing in next-generation innovation in fiber, textiles, coatings and rubber.

Markus Hutnak
Markus Hutnak
Markus Hutnak is an accomplished mountaineer and outdoor product innovator. His product initiatives have been introduced through many world-class brands including The North Face, the National Geographic Society, Ralph Lauren, Mountain Hardwear, and SAKS incorporated.

His extensive wholesale and retail background give him a 360 degree perspective and expertise through the entire product development, marketing, and sales process. After conducting extensive research into graphene and its remarkable properties, he founded Two Carbon and is now leading innovation and key product initiatives to bring graphene into products for the outdoor adventurer and athlete.

Markus is well versed in the functional requirements and real-world application of fabric, apparel, equipment and technology. An avid and adventurous climbing background complements his education and business skills. He understands outdoor product requirements and recognizes graphene as a revolutionary material for next-generation performance products.