Graphene is called the material of tomorrow and the most exciting material of the 21st century.  At Two Carbon, we are engineering graphene based product solutions for the outdoor marketplace, focusing on next-generation graphene innovation in fiber, textiles, coatings and rubber.

Graphene Fiber

Two Carbon Fiber realizes the key characteristics of graphene — tensile strength and abrasion — in an extremely versatile fiber for use in a wide range of performance textile applications.

Graphene Coating

The Two Carbon Lab recently developed a coating solution that enhances durability and abrasion protection in a liquid base that can be applied to a host of different materials.

Textile Technology

Using our Two Carbon Fiber, we are now engineering with our textile partners next-generation fabrics, delivering a multitude of functionality — strength, tear, abrasion, waterproofness, anti-microbial, color fastness — in a single textile.


We introduced the first Two Carbon outsole — delivering greater abrasion and adhesion performance without any change in rubber durometer.

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